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    使用电池应注意之事项/ Caution in Handling Battery
    发表时间:2016/8/19 13:57:49


    使用电池应注意之事项/ Caution in Handling Battery
    1. 避免接触火或加热导致爆开或起火 
    Do Not Direct contact with Fire or heat, this may cause battery explode or on fire.
    2. 避免弄湿,水会导致生锈和短路, 高温高湿测试时应加一面盖防水
    Do not wet with water, this may cause cell battery rusting and or short circuit ; Even during the Precondition test, you are requested to put a cover onto the test sample to prevent from condensate moisture cause short circuit.
    3. 避免用金属夹子夹着短路导致无电、发热或爆开
    Avoid using metal clip to transfer battery, this may cause short circuit , low power, and high heat, then explosion is expected.
    4. 避免靠窗受到日照产生高温导致气胀或爆开
    Do not keep battery near windows or direct sunshine, this may cause high heat, then gassing explode is expected.
    5. 远离儿童避免误吞食, 如有即看医生
    Always keep away the Cell battery from Children, if swallow, seek doctor immediately.  
    6. 储存在 20  - 25  之温度, 切勿靠近散熱器或锅炉等
    Keep the inventory temperature between 20  - 25 , never put the cell battery near the boiler and heat radiator.
    7. 储存在50 % - 70 % 之湿度防止受潮生锈
    Keep the inventory humidity between 50 % - 70 %, high humid may cause cell battery in rusting.
    8. 存仓先进先用按先后进货次序使用
    Maintain your inventory in : First in, First our
    9. 原箱起摆放不超过1米高, 避免压坏电池会导致漏液
    Suggest maximum stacking height is 1 M, this will avoid the internal packing or cell battery damaged by weight.
    10. 避免电池堆或以已装电池的半成品堆短路产生高温导致爆开
    Always avoid stacking the cell battery or semi-finished product where installed with batteries, this may cause short circuit and high heat, then gassing explosion on behind.  
    11. 避免抛掷或强烈冲击电池, 会导致电池漏液、发热、气胀或爆开
    Do not throw or heavy impact the cell battery, this may cause short circuit, then high heat, gassing deformed, or explosion on behind.
    12. 不要在电池表面焊接, 会导致漏液气胀和爆开
    Do not direct welding the cell battery, its structure may be damaged by high heat, then gassing, leakage, and or explosion is expected.
    13. 不要将正负极反接, 会导致电池漏液气胀和爆开
    Insert cell battery in proper polarity, otherwise, this may cause Leakage, gassing , and or explosion.
    14. 不须使用的电池请勿打开包装, 避免堆短路导致气胀或爆开
    If un-necessary, do not open extra packing, this may cause cell battery stacking together, then gassing, leakage, and or explosion.
    15. 已打开包装而未用完的电池应放在吸索内上加一个吸索, 并用橡胶绳等扎紧防止散乱堆短路
    When you handle the unused cell battery, please put it into the original Plastic tray carefully, then put a cover on the top to avoid contact with other metal objects, then use a rubber band to fix it to prevent from short circuit.
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