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    Name:Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
    Name:1.5V Alkaline/Zinc carbon cyli..
    Name:Cylinder Li-MnO2 Battery
    Name:3v CR lithium Button Cell batt..
    Name:3.7V Li-polymer rechargeable B..
    Name:Plastic CR button cell battery..
    Name:button battery with solder tab..
    Name:3.6V Li-SOCL2 battery
    Name:Hardware button battery holder
    Name:1.5V AG Button Cell in card pa..
    SZ LJCELL Company is a professional battery manufacturer which composed of design, production, and selling. The main products are CR/AG buttion cell batteries, LIR lithium battery, Ni-MH button cells, Ni-CD button cells, Heavy Duty Green Battery, Li Polymer battery, battery packs, battery holders etc. We have cooperated with some famous experts in China Chemistry Institute as our technical consultants to R&D the products constantly, and now the LJCELL battery was become a ...[More...]
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